Republican candidate to challenge Helen Purcell

Posted at 9:43 PM, Mar 24, 2016

Voter frustration started well before Tuesday for one Valley man who plans to challenge Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell.

Aaron Flannery, (R), filed paperwork to challenge Purcell almost two years ago.

He says he decided it was time for change after a ballot debacle in Peoria in 2014 when a city candidate’s name was left off the ballot and the fix was botched as well

“I saw a lot of things starting to get complacent and complacency is just as bad and corruption in my opinion," said Flannery

He believes we need to make sure that everyone has a valid ballot that a transition between party choices is seamless and a change in address doesn’t cause a major hiccup for voters.

“Voter rolls definitely need to be updated so they are correct. I'm not they need to reinvent the wheel, but it does need a little bit of grease and a little bit of innovation in technology to make sure we can keep track of voters as they move in and out of our state," said Flannery.

The Valley native has a Master’s in Business Administration and Public Administration.

He does not believe Purcell should step down, rather that she be allowed to retire gracefully with full benefits for her decades of service. 

Adrian Fontes also plans to run against Purcell in the November election.