PD: Teacher Allen Johnson accused with having sex with Glendale student in 2011

Posted at 2:42 PM, Sep 23, 2016

Police in Glendale arrested a Valley teacher who is now accused of having sex with a 17-year-old female student back in 2011.

Allen Scott Johnson, 53, has been a teacher at Paradise Valley High School for the past four years and was arrested at the school on Thursday. However, the allegations come from his former teaching job at Cactus High School in Glendale.

During the spring semester of 2011, police said Johnson had sex or sexual contact with the same student on three separate occasions. Arrest paperwork said the sexual conduct happened in a bathroom at the school and inside Johnson’s car at a public park.

Johnson was the girl’s teacher for English, speech, drama and debate, according to court documents.  

At his initial court appearance, Johnson was given a $500,000 bond that the judge was not happy about.
"Absolutely makes me incensed that you get a bond... You need to keep your mouth shut,” said the judge in a courtroom video of the initial appearance.  “The law requires I set a bond for you.  If I could hold you non-bondable I would do it in a moment.”

Police said the girl recently came forward.  Glendale investigators staged a phone call where the secretly listened as the former student called Johnson, getting him to admit what he did and even asking the girl to imagine and relive graphic sexual moments with him.

Paradise Valley High School released a statement that said there is no evidence that Johnson abused any students during his time teaching at PVHS.  He is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the criminal investigation against him.