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PD: Glendale officer hits suspect, gets 30 hour suspension

Glendale Police Department
Posted at 1:46 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 15:46:52-05

GLENDALE — A Glendale police officer is facing 30 hours of suspension after delivering "closed hand strikes" to a suspect-turned victim during a traffic stop.

According to a press release issued by the Glendale Police Department, Officer Matthew Salyers was "found to be in violation of department policy relating to use of force."

The incident occurred in March 2019 when Salyers pulled over 57-year-old Angelo Carillo Sr. for failing to use a signal while turning. Glendale police say Carillo did not produce identification "as required by Arizona law" at the time of the stop, and Salyers subsequently tried to arrest Carillo while he was seated in his vehicle.

"A struggle ensued as Carrillo resisted and Officer Salyers, who was on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, entered the vehicle and delivered closed hand strikes to Carrillo’s face, causing an injury which required stitches," Glendale police wrote in a press statement.

Glendale police say they immediately began to review the incident.

Officer Salyers' chain of command recommended a 40-hour suspension. However, on May 29, Salyers appealed the department's "Intent to Suspend" to the Glendale Chief of Police.

Salyers' original suspension was upheld by the Chief of Police, and on July 3, Salyers was served a "Notice to Suspend." Salyers then appealed to the City Personnel Board. When the Personnel Board met on November 13, "the majority of the members agreed that discipline was appropriate in this case." However, they recommended the City Manager reduce Salyers' suspension from 40 hours to "no action to a 20 hour suspension."

Finally, Kevin Phelps, the Glendale City Manager, determined Officer Salyers' suspention would be reduced to 30 working hours.

“The men and women of the Glendale Police Department make split second decisions daily”, said Interim Chief of Police Chris Briggs. “There are times when our officers’ decisions are not in line with our policies or training, which is the case in this incident. We take these situations seriously and take appropriate action to ensure that we are living up to the high standards that we expect of ourselves and that our community deserves.”