Parents of special needs student at Mountain Ridge claim wrestlers assaulted their son

Posted at 7:42 PM, May 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 14:15:06-04

Allegations continue to swirl around the Mountain Ridge High School wrestling team.

ABC15 was first to report that two students were accused of sexual assault after a team trip to Holbrook.

Last week, a grand jury in Navajo County indicted the two former wrestlers on sex crimes in connection with that trip.

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After our reporting, a family reached out to ABC15 alleging their son was also attacked by members of the wrestling team. They told us their son, who is special needs, was assaulted twice by two different teens on Sept. 22 and Oct. 18.

Deer Valley Unified School District maintains the students involved in both incidents were not on this year’s roster. However, the parents identified both students as wrestlers on last year’s team.

All students involved were suspended, including their son. At least one of the “former wrestlers” is no longer at the school. Still the parents, who we won’t name, fear for their son’s safety.

“Every day, every day when my phone rings and it’s his number coming up and it’s school hours my stomach drops. Every time. All year long. I don’t think he’s safe there,” the mother said.

In response to our questions, DVUSD released this statement:

Deer Valley Unified School District and all of our schools, including Mountain Ridge High School, work diligently to keep our school campuses safe and secure.

If a fight or other incident occurs on campus: our administrators react swiftly and comprehensively to investigate the situation, involve police if a criminal investigation is necessary, discipline those found to be responsible, and work with parents and students on an ongoing basis to maintain a safe environment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide all of the facts concerning these incidents that occurred on campus between students because they include confidential student discipline records, which are protected by privacy laws. If we could release those records, you would have a more complete picture of what took place.

The facts show that the school did a complete investigation and took appropriate action for every incident reported.

Police reports document both incidents occurring at school. It’s not clear where both cases are in the legal timeline.