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Mangy Mutt Rescue hoping to find homes for five dogs in next 24 hours

Posted at 9:42 PM, Jan 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-02 00:37:26-05

A local rescue is stepping in to help find permanent homes for several dogs.

“The goal here is to try to keep the numbers that are turned over to the county to a bare minimum,” says Todd Born with Mangy Mutt Rescue.

Mangy Mutt stepped in after getting a plea from a woman whose mother dedicated her time to rescuing abandoned dogs.

“She didn't want to turn them into the pound because well, number 1: she couldn't afford that and number 2: she felt that they still had a lot of life in them,” said Born.

When she passed away a month ago, 24 dogs were left in the house that she owned. Born and his organization has since found homes for all but five of the dogs.

The journey to find them a new home hasn't been easy. Over the last month, the house has had no running water or electricity.

“It’s very hard to keep the place clean and sanitized,” Born said. He and the woman brought in water for the dogs to drink and bathe.

The dogs have been through a lot and a few require a lot of care as they deal with health issues.

“He’s got some broken nails, possibly some broken canines that need to be looked at. He’s got a severe skin condition right now,” said Born when talking about Marley, one of the dogs.

The dogs are not fixed nor have they been vaccinated, and would need to see a vet as soon as they’re adopted out.

The race to find these dogs a new home has been made more chaotic after an eviction notice on the house has left them with no other alternative. They must find them a new home within 24 hours or risk being sent to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

Born says the constable is planning to come and check on the dogs Tuesday--where they’ll likely be handed over to the county.

Given the circumstances, Born says his rescue is willing to waive an adoption fee as long as there is a written agreement that whoever takes them home will take them to a vet and have them fully checked out.

“Maybe they’ll be able to take them into their home and give them the kind of life that they’ve been missing for the last several months,” Born said.

If you’d like to learn more about these dogs you can contact Mangy Mutt Rescue at 602-373-2884.