Glendale shooting suspect linked to 3 homicides

Posted at 4:19 AM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 15:11:29-04
Investigators are looking into whether a man accused of firing at officers in Glendale is connected to a trio of shooting deaths in the state after he was found with a car belonging to a victim.

Police say Kitage Lynch ambushed Glendale police officers early Wednesday morning as they investigated neighbor complaints of a man randomly firing off his gun in a field.

"He appeared from behind the vehicle and started firing at them with a handgun,” said Sgt. David Viduare.

The patrol car was hit by a bullet but none of the officers were hurt and they never returned fire according to Glendale police.

Investigators say the car Lynch was driving is connected to a triple homicide near Quartzsite.

Lt. Curt Bagby with the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office says a resident on Buckeye-Salome road arrived for a weekend vacation to find their home had been ransacked.

The deputy who came to investigate started checking surrounding residences and found a couple shot after an apparent home invasion.

"For some reason the bodies were moved and taken to a carport," said Lt. Bagby.

The deputy also found a third neighbor killed in her home that appeared to have been burglarized and her car was stolen.

Deputies say that victim's car is the one Lynch was caught with.

Lt. Bagby says Lynch will likely be named a homicide suspect and the evidence suggests he didn't act alone.

“From what we've noticed we would assume there may have been at least one or two more people helping," said Bagby, “If people know anything about this gentleman or who he hangs out with it would definitely help in our investigation.”

If you recognize Lynch, and can help track down his associates, please contact Glendale police who are assisting with the investigation.