Glendale man wakes up to find new car vandalized while parked outside of home

Posted at 3:55 PM, Jan 29, 2017

A Glendale man is urging the community to be cautious after his car was targeted by vandals.

Alex Perez, a member of the U.S. military, said he woke up at his home near 59th Avenue and Cactus Road Sunday morning and discovered his recently purchased black Mustang was covered in eggs. 

"I thought to myself, 'This is a good area, I'll leave my car outside and it'll be fine,'" Perez said. 

He explained that what shocked him the most is that his car as veteran plates. 

"I don't have a lot and what I do have went to the purchase of this car," Perez said. "I just want to inform others in this area to be aware of situations like these at night."

Perez suspects that it was most likely kids in the neighborhood playing a prank, however, he's spreading the message to nearby residents as a precaution.