Glendale man allegedly shoots neighbor in chest during altercation

Posted at 9:12 PM, Oct 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-21 14:22:46-04

A Glendale man is accused of shooting his neighbor in the chest earlier this month stemming from an altercation. 

On Oct. 12, authorities were called to a home near Peoria and 49th avenues after receiving a report about a shooting.

According to police, Joseph Perrotti allegedly shot his neighbor, Ryan Albergo, and then went back to his house and waited for police to arrive.

Perrotti said the Albergo's son was being disrespectful and the son went home and told his father about the incident, court paperwork said.

"...Then talking about garbage piles and trash and I'm like dude, 'I'm just telling you to leave my kids alone," Albergo explained.

Perrotti told investigators that he went over to the victim’s house to “settle it” and brought his handgun. During their discussion, Perrotti allegedly shot Albergo.

The bullet went through Albergo's chest and out the side of his body.

"It's the best possible place from the doctor's point of view," Albergo said.

Court documents say that the suspect said he didn't intend to kill the victim but was “just tired of it.” Perrotti said he was purposefully aiming for the Albergo's side instead of his chest.

"I got f**king shot," Albergo said. "Thats all I kept saying, 'The dude f**king shot me!'"

 The man was taken to the hospital for treatment. Luckily, no organs were hit and he was out of the hospital in four hours.

Several witnesses at the scene said the argument escalated, but the victim was not being physically aggressive towards the suspect, court paperwork said. 

Albergo said his brother-in-law had some arguments over the garbage in the past but Albergo himself had only ever talked to Perrotti once.

"He said, 'Can you keep your kids away from my yard?' and I said 'Yeah, no problem,'" Albergo recalled. "And that was the only time I had seen that guy before or ever talked to him — except for that other time when he shot me."

The suspect lives across the street from the Albergo and if he’s released from jail he’ll return to his home.