Neighborhood haunted house to scare hundreds

Posted at 10:21 AM, Oct 03, 2015

On Halloween there's one door that stays open all night to accommodate the hundreds of kids who dare to walk through a homemade haunted house in Glendale. 

Shannon Kirkpatrick is a Halloween enthusiast who spent all year preparing to create his 12th haunted house for his Glendale neighborhood. 

This year's theme, a haunted cemetery, is Kirkpatrick's most elaborate production yet, including hundreds of props, lights, costumes and animation that encompasses the entirety of his front lawn.

The cemetery is a walk-through experience that ends at his front door, which Kirkpatrick says only the brave are able to reach. The entire operation takes over a month to set up.

Kirkpatrick is anticipating the haunted cemetery to be completed on Oct. 3, when visitors can walk by his house and see the interactive elements. However, a full walk-through will not be available until Halloween night and selective weekends.

Despite buying candy in bulk, Kirkpatrick says that each year he runs out as growing numbers of children arrive eager to walk through his cemetery. 

This haunted house is located on Irma Lane near 41st Avenue and Beardsley.