Gilbert man catches thieves on camera breaking into neighborhood cars

Posted at 10:48 PM, Jul 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-02 14:05:30-04

You might call it a crime of opportunity--thieves pulling on car door handles one by one to find an easy way to break in.

A Gilbert man says he caught two people in his neighborhood near Williams Field and Parkcrest checking for unlocked cars to break into.

Surveillance video from Chuck Davis shows two people walking up to several cars checking door handles. Davis says the suspects were successful at his neighbor’s house, taking an estimated $500 worth of items.

“$500 or $600 worth of tools out of the front seat or back seat of the vehicle,” Davis said. “And their kids, they had just gone shopping for school clothes.”

At one point, one of the men walked right up to Davis’ car to try the door handle, getting close enough to the surveillance camera.

Davis said neighbors are talking about these kinds of crimes on his social media neighborhood groups.

"On Facebook, it shows that this is happened in a lot of the other subdivisions in the close proximity,” Davis said.

Davis hopes to get the word out to urge neighborhoods not to make it easy for thieves by locking your car doors and staying aware of any suspicious activity.

Anyone with any information on these thieves are urged to call Gilbert police.