Family trying to rebuild business after car crashes in to bakery

Posted at 4:59 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-29 20:51:10-04

A family owned business is in ruins after a car crashed into the La Fama Mexican Bakery in Glendale Sunday evening. 

The impact to the business is obvious with a big hole where walls used to be, but the devastation to the family is what you don't see. The bakery has been in their lives since 1974. 

Through the rubble, the bread, still on the counter can be seen, but the bakery won’t be opening up anytime soon. 

“My friends told me some car was going real fast down the street, so they rolled, they flipped, landed in the bakery,” said Cohee Carrillo, a customer.

Glendale police say they initially received a call of a possible assault or attempted abduction of a woman near 75th Avenue and Glendale. A woman said a man tried to grab her arm, and it was unclear whether he tried to get her into his car.

The woman was not hurt, and police say the woman and her boyfriend got into a car and followed them down the street. 

The men ended up crashing into the bakery at 54th Avenue and Glendale. Police say the driver tried to flee but was detained. The two passengers were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. 

According to police, the woman did not want to press charges on the men in the car.

But there are other victims. 

At the La Fama Bakery, Lourdes Adame pretty much grew up in the shop. Her customers are like family. 

Now she’s on the outside looking in.

“Our customers have known us since we were 5, 6 years old. We had a lot of the Glendale community out here yesterday. A lot of our customers were in tears," said Lourdes Adame, the bakery's owner. 

“It’s kind of a bummer because they’re a family owned business, and they’ve got the best burritos in town—red burritos, green burritos, fresh tortillas," Carrillo said. 

Monday, the owners were out assessing the damage. They have no insurance, so the road ahead will be a challenge.

“Oh God--heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking for us to see our life’s work destroyed over some idiot that decided to do something wrong and ended up worse,” Adame said. 

Glendale police say the driver could still face charges for the crash. 

In the meantime, the family plans to rebuild but say they need the community's help. They've created a donation page to help with costs. If you would like to help, you can donate here.