Valley firefighters worry about ambulance access

Posted at 12:08 AM, Sep 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-10 03:08:50-04

Rural/Metro’s plan to re-deploy ambulances around the West Valley has some fire departments worried about a lapse in coverage.

Fire departments in Goodyear and Glendale found out within the last few days that Rural/Metro, the company they contract with for ambulance services, is planning to switch-up schedules.

Rural/Metro told ABC15 the re-deployment is actually overdue. 

The company said it needs to shift schedules to make sure peak times are covered. Those peak times are during the middle of the day. 

The president of the firefighter’s union in Glendale said the company’s plan would leave the city without access to ambulances for several hours during the middle of the night.

“It truly is a big issue in the West Valley especially in Glendale,” Tony Butch said. “We’re the busiest department per capita.” 

Butch said Glendale gets about 25,000 medical calls a year.

Rural/Metro said Glendale will have coverage under the new plan. 

Both Glendale and Goodyear have made with Rural/Metro management to talk about the plan.

The company also plans to re-deploy ambulances in the East Valley.