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2017 video shows Glendale officer recounting use of force incident in which man was tased 11 times

Glendale use of force
Posted at 12:34 PM, Feb 11, 2019

GLENDALE — Lawyers for the man who was tased 11 times by a Glendale officer in 2017 released new video Monday showing an involved officer’s report about the incident.

ABC15 obtained body camera footage of a 2017 incident involving the Glendale Police Department and Johnny Wheatcroft, in which Wheatcroft was tased 11 times by officers. Experts called the conduct "sadistic" and "outrageous."

FULL SECTION: Abuse of Force

The nearly seven-minute interview video, provided by Wheatcroft's lawyers, is recorded on body camera, showing Officer Mark Lindsey in a hospital bed.

It begins with him laughing and then he recounts what happened during the traffic stop. He remembers Officer Matt Schneider telling the passenger to stop reaching down, tensing up and resisting.

At one point, he felt the traffic stop “going a little bit south” and went to help Officer Schneider.

He then talks about how a thrown object from the backseat hit him, “dazed him” and caused him to fall backward and hit his head. After that, he says his vision was cloudy.

An internal affairs investigation related to the incident, shows that the department's own investigator determined, "the subject was compliant and didn't resist."

Glendale Police also wrote that "Mr. Wheatcroft and Ms. Chapman were charged with aggravated assault due to their actions." However, the County Attorney's Office dropped all charges against Wheatcroft after reviewing the case.