Glendale elementary students set to start at new schools after campuses closed for unsafe buildings

Posted at 5:13 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 23:54:43-04

Glendale school officials are making the final preparations at temporary campuses for students from two schools suddenly closed for emergency repairs.

School officials said the Alhambra Elementary School District will allow an unused school to be used for students from Challenger Middle School. Students will attend classes starting Friday at Alhambra Family Resource Center which is located on 39th Avenue near Glendale Avenue. The building has 26 classrooms and can house the 650 students enrolled in fourth through eighth grade. 

On Thursday, crews were clearing out rooms, and they were bringing tables and chairs for the Challenger students. They are still working out a bus schedule and start and end times.  

The Glendale Elementary School District announced Sunday they closed two schools after finding that both campuses needed structural repairs to be safe to occupy.

District officials received a letter from its structural engineer warning recent improvement projects at Challenger Middle School and Landmark School uncovered structural deficiencies in the schools' buildings. 

Officials said Monday that the two schools will be closed for up to five weeks as a precautionary measure.

Classes at the schools were canceled since Monday for the 1,450 displaced students.

District officials say Landmark students will attend half-day classes starting Thursday morning at Desert Spirit School. 

The split schedules for students at the four schools will not include subjects like music and art and physical education classes. Children who cannot be picked up at the end of the abbreviated day can attend enrichment activities on campus. 

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