El Mirage residents puzzled by misspelled street sign

Posted at 10:32 PM, Jun 14, 2018

El Mirage residents are trying to figure out why two signs for the same street, at the same intersection, were spelled two different ways. 

At the junction for Main Street, near Riverview Elementary School, there are signs for “Myer” and “Meyer” Lane. 

“I asked my mom — why is this one spelled like this and why is this one spelled like this?,” 11-year-old Logan Montez told ABC15. After his mother, Barbara, realized she didn’t know, she started asking around. 

“I just pass by it and get a little chuckle,” she said. 

Google Maps shows the street with the extra "e" and Apple Maps shows it without. 

According to El Mirage Public Works Director Nick Russo, “Myer” is the correct spelling. He told ABC15 the misspelling was “a typo made during the creation process.”

The signs typically cost $80-$100. Russo said a replacement has been ordered and should be installed by the end of next week. 

Earlier this year, an "Indain School Road" sign was spotted along Indian School Road in Phoenix. In that case, city officials said the error apparently came from a misspelled work order before it made its way to the technician.