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El Mirage mother claims teacher assaulted her son multiple times

Posted at 10:12 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 12:29:30-04

An El Mirage mother is alleging her son’s third-grade teacher assaulted him on three different occasions. 

Rose Abendano said her 9-year-old son, Mason, first came home with a mark behind his ear four months ago.

“She pulled him from the backpack, he fell down and hit his head and jaw, getting a cut behind his ear,” Abendano said.

She says she went to the Dysart school district and officials told her it was an accident. 

But then the teacher allegedly hurt Mason two more times. 

“She shrugged Mason's shoulders, grabbed his fingers and twisted his hand,” Abendano said. “Then the third time she covered his mouth from behind.”

Finally, Abendano filed a report with El Mirage Police. 

“They are not keeping these kids safe,” Abendano said. “This has been going on for months and they did nothing about it until I went to the District and filed a police report.”

On Monday, Mason and his classmates came home with a letter announcing the teacher had resigned for personal reasons. 

The Dysart School District issued a statement to ABC15 regarding the allegations:

“We take matters such as this very seriously and what is claimed in this allegation is not acceptable. School officials were made aware of the claims and immediately notified the El Mirage Police Department and Arizona Department of Education. The individual in question is no longer employed at the school, nor by the district.”

Abendano feels action was taken too late.

“When this came out with Mason, other people came out saying she also assaulted their kids in the classroom but they were afraid to come out and talk about it.”

The district is not commenting further on El Mirage’s police investigation. 

According to El Mirage officials on Tuesday, the investigating officer submitted charges against the teacher to Maricopa County Attorney's Office for aggravated assault. The teacher was not booked into jail.