New records reveal police visited Jesse Wilson's mother in the past

Posted at 5:18 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 11:05:10-04

Newly released information about missing Buckeye boy Jesse Wilson revealed details into a previous instance when he roamed the streets alone and information about an officer's peculiar visit to his mother's home in 2011.

Buckeye police said that an officer found the boy on April 25, approximately two houses down from his home. A neighbor called police about the child standing alone, not letting anyone get close to him. 

When the responding officer brought Jesse back to his home, he spoke to the boy’s mother, Crystal Lynette Wilson.

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Records show that Crystal told police that her son suffers from learning and developmental issues and that he always leaves the house without permission. She also told officers she had several locks in place around the house to try to prevent him from leaving but that he found a way out via an upstairs window.

She also said that her son takes medication and that his behavior issues were ongoing.

Another report from Avondale Police, dated May 5, 2011, stated that officers responded to Crystal's home after receiving tips alleging that she was abusing her five adopted children. When officers arrived at the home they found two of the children, both boys around 4 years old, tied to their beds with some type of harness, documents said.

Crystal told officers that she restrained the boys because they would leave the home in the middle of the night and return in the early morning hours covered in mud, the police report said. The responding officer said he did not notice any marks of abuse on any of the five children and that there was food in the kitchen, so he left the home without incident. 

It is unclear whether Jesse was one of the boys found tied up in the 2011 incident.

Jesse Wilson was reported missing more than one month ago. Police said the search has since turned into a recovery operation.