Liberty Elementary School District board shows support for embattled superintendent

Posted at 9:44 PM, Mar 09, 2017

Parents showed up to what some called a "mysterious" meeting to express their displeasure with Liberty Elementary School District Superintendent Dr. Andrew Rogers on Thursday.

The meeting was called just days after a very confrontational meeting on Monday. Public speakers criticized the superintendent and even compared him to Adolf Hitler.

Thursday's meeting agenda including a reading of a "statement of support" for the superintendent.

The final line in the statement included this: "We have the utmost confidence that Dr. Rogers and all the others involved will make the goals in the strategic plans. "

The board voted to approve the message to show support in a vote of 3 to 1.

Seconds after the meeting was officially adjourned, parents lashed out.

"You have that have that smug look on your face!" shouted one parent.

"Stop laughing! That man is lying!" said another.

ABC15 chased down school board members as they tried to leave in their cars moments later:

Paul Jensen, Liberty Elementary School Board Chairman: "I've got to go home…"

 Board members were not in the talking mood, however, the superintendent says the attacks on him are personal.

"When you are compared to Adolf Hitler, I take that as a personal attack," Dr. Andrew Rogers said.

Some parents say their main issues with the superintendent and the district include:

  • Large class sizes
  • Lack of gifted or accelerated classes
  • Key teachers have parted ways with the district recently

Some parents said this fight is from over, vowing to boot school board members from office by forcing a recall election.

 "I think Mr. Jensen is a great man, as the chairman, but the rest of the board they are really nothing but pond scum," said parent Michael Todd.