DPS: MCSO posse member impersonated officer

Posted at 1:50 PM, Dec 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-18 10:56:03-05

An MCSO posse member was arrested after he put police lights on his personal vehicle and used them to avoid I-10 traffic.

According to court documents, on September 13th, 33-year-old Bradford James Loyd used red and blue emergency lighting on his personal truck to get other motorists to yield to him.

Loyd who is a "non-sworn" MCSO posse member, was returning from vacation in California on I-10 near Tonopah around 2 p.m. when he activated his lights causing other drivers to pull over.

Drivers reported the incident to the Department of Public Safety who caught up with Loyd about an hour later. Loyd told DPS he was assisting another officer. This claim was not confirmed by other officers.

Loyd faces criminal charges of impersonating an officer and civil charges of unlawfully possessing red and blue lights.