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Tire troubles in West Valley neighborhood

Posted at 10:39 PM, Sep 19, 2022

Neighbors say they are spending thousands of dollars in repairs after nails and screws have been found scattered across the road in the West Valley.

Lindsy Webster says she had two visits to the tire shop in one day, having her repaired on Monday after two screws were found. Then, just a few hours later, it happened again.

"Yep, another screw," says Lindsy Webster, West Valley resident.

"Is that upsetting?" ABC15 asked.

"It's very upsetting. It's scary," responds Lindsy.

This happened to several neighbors passing through 107th Avenue and Broadway over the weekend.

"I was stranded on the freeway. I had my friends come over and they were calling me and saying they had flats too," says Felipe Lazcino, West Valley resident.

At closer looks, neighbors ended up finding thousands of screws and nails scattered across that intersection.

It's next to new home construction but with multiple builders in the area, finding out who is at fault is the difficult part.

"Accidents happen and I feel like even though it was an accident, they should own up to it," says Lindsy.

ABC15 was told the City of Avondale has no obligation to help but has been stepping in to assist.

They tell ABC15 a streets team went to the area to remove what they could, then came back again with a magnetic street sweeper and plan on following up again.

Even after some of the cleanup, nails and screws remain all over the road along the sides.

Chloe VanHoose is now taking matters into her own hands while waiting for answers.

"I was out picking up screws because everybody in our neighborhood has screws in their tires. We had four vehicles in our home with flat tires so, I was just doing my part for the community," says Chloe VanHoose, West Valley resident.

She says she has spent nearly $1K on new tires and repairs. So has Bruce Essig, who is now using another route to make it to and from home.

"This may seem like nothing to them, but this is, for our community, it could be over $100,000. What happens if it happens again next week?" says Bruce Essig, West Valley resident.