Man hits teen after she doesn't give up password

Posted at 4:18 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 20:09:26-04

An Avondale man has been arrested after he used a leather belt with a metal buckle to hit a teen after the girl wouldn't give up his phone's password. 

According to police paperwork, 31-year-old Edward Wohleking struck the 15-year-old teen with a black leather belt about eight to ten times in the teen's lower abdomen and leg area. 

Family members contacted police after noticing the injures on the girl. 

The girl later told police the man beat her while they were inside a home near 111th Avenue and Indian School Road. 

The girl told police she was taking a shower on Sunday when her mother asked for her cell phone's password after she discovered she had a cellular device on her and was contacting boys, which she was upset about. 

In an attempt to obtain the password of the phone, Wohleking hit the girl several times in order to discipline her by "spanking" her with his belt. Wohleking told police he felt bad because he struck the victim harder than he should have, but didn't have intentions of assaulting the girl.

The girl's mother told police the marks on the girl looked "excessive" but Wohleking's behavior was not excessive enough to make her stop the man's actions. 

Wohleking was arrested by police in Avondale and faces one count of child abuse.