Foster dog found after weeks in the desert

Posted at 4:42 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-30 11:22:40-04

How does an 8-pound dog survive for 18 days during the Valley's intense summer weather? Well, Norm, a Yorkie with an overbite, did just that.  

The pooch fought against all odds from the very beginning. He was first found after he was located under a dumpster near Tempe Marketplace by the Animal Rescue Friends organization; he was dropped there with 8 other dogs earlier this month.  

Norm, a foster dog, was then taken in at a Fountain Hills foster home, but a day later he escaped from the house by getting through a hole in a fence. He was under their care for 12 hours before he made his escape. 

He was lost on August 10th, but 19 days later he was found under a bush. He's currently under medical care as he wasn't found in the best conditions.   

Veterinarians discovered the dog was dehydrated, had five broken ribs, his lungs contained fluid, air in his back and a puncture wound on his head. On top of that, he had rocks in his stomach from not having had anything to eat, the rescue organization said.  

Officials believe the dog was picked up by an owl and dropped from a height, which caused the animal's internal injuries. 

Norm's recovery process is still underway as he's undergoing different consultations with specialists to determine what his next steps will be.

Donations to help with his recovery process are being accepted through the rescue organization's website. They're also asking for positive thoughts and prayers to help him on his long journey to recovery after being rescued not once, but twice.