Woman accused of scamming college students

Posted at 10:46 PM, Dec 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-25 08:45:14-05

A Phoenix woman is back on the streets, after getting arrested by Tempe police. She's accused of scamming college students out of hundreds of dollars.

Police say Megan Tedrow would tell her victims that she was a student selling magazines to raise money for charity.

"She was relatable," Gabrielle Thomas, a victim, said. 

Which is why Thomas says she fell for Tedrow's story. Tedrow told her she was a communication student trying to fulfill a class project.

"She said she had to go door to door and talk to certain number of strangers each day," Thomas said. 

Police say Tedrow targeted several apartment complexes in Tempe. She approached her victims, selling them magazine subscriptions. Tedrow told them the money would go to a charity of their choice. Thomas gave her $200.

"She wrote me a thank you note, so I thought this is legit," she said. "She is taking her time, talking to me, she gave me her phone number."

Thomas says Tedrow gave her a receipt and told her to take it to Barnes & Noble where she would get her money back. Tedrow even communicated with the victim throughout the day.

"I went to Barnes & Noble and they said this was a scam," she said. 

Employees at Barnes & Noble told her she wasn't the first victim. Court paperwork reveals there were four other victims.

ABC15 tried to track down Tedrow who was able to bond out of jail, but the home address listed on court documents does not exist.

Police say Tedrow was working with a man, but there is no information on any charges against him at this time.