'We Are All America' silent march through Tempe expresses support for refugees, immigrants

Posted at 8:45 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 22:45:28-05

Two hundred people gathered in Tempe Friday to protest President Trump's travel ban, as part of the national "We Are All America" day of action.

They walked in silence, but their signs spoke loudly with messages of love and unity. Participants also prayed at the Islamic Cultural Center.

"I am a daughter of immigrants as well as a professional, college-educated, and we all deserve equal rights and treatment," Mary Barcena said.

They say singling out certain countries for the travel ban and barring refugees makes many immigrants and Muslims feel fearful and alone. 

"Donald Trump and all of these people are sort of attacking our community, so it's so uplifting to see our neighbors supporting us in this way," Liban Yousuf said.

Protesters also voiced opposition to a state Senate bill that would have Arizona formally withdraw from the refugee resettlement program. One provision would also impose fines on any charity or aid agency that continued to provide services to refugees.  

Sen Judy Burges, R-Sun City, introduced the bill.  A co-sponsor admits the bill is unlikely to pass.