Schools taking long route to avoid I-10 shooter

Posted at 6:47 PM, Sep 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-15 21:47:42-04

Many schools and districts across the Valley are taking extra precautions to stay out of the Interstate 10 shooter’s range.

SPECIAL SECTION: Latest updates in the Arizona freeway shootings investigation

Many have announced they have rearranged bus routes to avoid travel on Valley freeways, particularly I-10.

Gethsemane Lutheran School, a private school in Tempe, added an hour to its travel time to north Phoenix for its Tuesday afternoon sports games.

"Our teachers and our coaches and everyone want us to be safe," said Adeline, a GLS student.

"It's more important to do the longer route and in the end be safer than you would be if you went on the I-10," agreed Haley Schmidt, another GLS student on the bus.

The travel time to Westtown Park would normally take the school’s bus drivers 30 minutes, but Tuesday it took over an hour.

Instead of traveling US-60 to I-10 and up I-17, buses took surface streets from Tempe, to Scottsdale and over to Phoenix. 

It's how Gethsemane buses will get around until the shooter is caught. 

“GLS will not be taking the easiest and most direct route, instead side streets will be used,” explained the school’s Athletic Director Jeff Heisner.

Principal Lorna Kemper said teachers are using what’s happening in the news as a learning experience for kids.

"There are people in the world that do bad things, but there is more good in the world than there is evil and I think it's more important that you just maintain your safety when you're out and that they're going to be fine," said Kemper.