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Valley family catches friend on video stealing prescription drugs from their home

Posted at 10:28 PM, Dec 08, 2017

Imagine seeing someone you know and trust sneaking around your home to steal your prescription drugs.

Brandon Renner is accused of stealing a family friend's prescription painkillers. Video from inside the Garcia home captured him snooping around the kitchen, looking for the mother's percocet.

"The way he does it makes your skin crawl," said Josue Garcia. "As a son, I was furious, I was ready to break his arms."

Garcia's mother thought she misplaced her pills, but when Josue went and took a look at the camera, that's when they discovered Renner's role.

"Seeing this first-hand, somebody going after one of the most wonderful people I know in the world, just shows how bad the disease in the brain is," said Garcia.

Garcia reported the theft to Tempe police, and that's when he learned Renner is a repeat offender.

In 2012, while working as a licensed nurse, he was convicted of stealing almost 250 doses of narcotics from his then-employer.

That's where Renner's punishment ends.

The Garcia family decided against filing charges, although police advised them to do so.

Instead, Garcia called Renner's supervisor, who helped check him into rehab.

"It really irks me that somebody would do that to my mother, but I do not believe he had this mission to hurt her," Garcia explained. "I do believe his addiction blinded him to the fact he was hurting people, and I believe this happens across the U.S."