Bees invite themselves to PHX family's BBQ

Posted at 10:35 PM, Apr 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-10 07:40:33-04

A Phoenix woman was stung after thousands of uninvited guests swarmed their family barbecue.  

Diana Woods said she noticed bees flying in and out of the stereo system speakers.  While trying to get the bees away, the speakers came crashing to the ground, and split in half, exposing thousands of bees, who had already been nesting inside the speakers.

"When it broke open thousands of bees started flying everywhere, all over," said Woods.

She tried to rush her children and their 6-month old puppy Jada into the house to save them from the swarm.

"I was scared because that's a lot of bees." said Woods. 

Her 15-year old son, a student at Franklin Police and Fire high school knew just what to do.  As his family rushed inside, Joshua Javier immediately grabbed a hose, and started wetting down the agitated bees.

"I want to be a firefighter and that's what they basically teach you at Franklin Police and Fire, so basically I knew just grab the hose and wet them down."

Several bees ended up getting inside the house with the family, including inside Woods shirt.

"It felt like a pinch, like a really sharp pinch."  The bee stung Woods in the chest.

Phoenix firefighters showed up and sprayed the bees with water.  Firefighters infected the area, and found a lot of bee activity in the rafters of the home. The family was advised to contact a bee removal company to find the hive, and have it safety removed.

"I feel extremely lucky and blessed.  I think we'll be okay as long as we stay out of the backyard, keep our doors closed, and the windows closed," said Woods.