Tempe red light runner leaves man for dead

Posted at 6:02 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 23:24:55-04

It could happen to any of us, and it nearly cost one man his life.

Sean Rhoades was on his way to take his final exam at ASU Wednesday, when a red light runner blew through an intersection and threw him from his motorcycle.

"I got broadsided, by a 4,500 pound vehicle traveling 20, 30, maybe 40 miles per hour."

Rhoades was thrown 20 feet into the middle of the street.

He broke several bones in his foot, got road rash on his arm and still needs to be evaluated for possible back and neck injuries.

"The instant pain of when I was hit, was, once I landed, probably the worst thing I felt," said Rhoades.

Sean says before the police and paramedics got there, witnesses rushed to his side.

"I just got really lucky, because a bunch of strangers came out and they picked me up out of traffic and one of them was a nurse," explained Rhoades.

As luck would have it, a police cadet saw the crash and followed the silver BMW SUV into Mesa and got a license plate.

However, the driver hasn't been caught.

"If you hit a pedestrian, or bicyclists or someone on a motorcycle, we're out here in the elements, we don't have crumple zones," said Rhoades

Sean is slowly recovering and is asking for the driver come forward.