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Tempe family pleading for help after rain soaks their apartment

Posted at 10:22 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 07:10:27-04

A Tempe family is pleading for help from their apartment complex after the recent rain.

Their unit was overrun by water, and now a mother and her kids are confined to a single room.

From saturated floors to water pouring through the ceiling and walls, the past few days have been a real nightmare for Kylah Puzzi and her three kids, who live at the Tempe Vista Apartments, near Loop 101 and Broadway.

"This whole area is saturated all the way over here, you can smell the mildew in here," Puzzi said. "Everything just pours straight down into my back patio, there's no drainage."

The family is now sharing a full-sized bed in the living room and piling up their belongings to keep them off the ground and dry. Puzzi says the same thing happened in August.

"Last time my kids and I stayed on somebody's couch and floor for a week because they offered us nothing," Puzzi said.

This time around she says maintenance helped her sandbag and dig a trench to try and re-direct the water. Now the question is, what happens next?

"[They said] if you really need to you can go to a hotel room and submit to your insurance for reimbursement," Puzzi said. "That is not really an option being a single mom on a limited income."

ABC15's Danielle Lerner tried talking with management on site but was told to call and email a company representative.

So far, she has not heard back.

She also reached out to Arizona Tenants Advocates on Puzzi's behalf.

They said the complex must provide "fit and habitable premises" and that this issue can be construed as a "casualty." Tenants then have the right to either vacate entirely or vacate the parts that are flooded and pay a reduced rent. You can find more information on that here.

Puzzi says she just wants to move forward and dry out.

"Provide us with a different apartment, another place to live, another option," she said.