Burglars steal Tempe family's Christmas presents

Posted at 1:06 PM, Dec 14, 2015

A Tempe family was burglarized in broad daylight, with the thieves taking Christmas presents and jewelry. 

Kristen Biondi came home Wednesday to an unpleasant surprise-- the house that she shares with her mother in Tempe was burglarized.

"[My mother] told me someone had broken into our house," Biondi said.

Biondi and her mother believe the burglars reached through the doggy door, unlocked the dead bolt and then put the dog, Roscoe, in a bathroom.

"Our dog was locked in the bathroom and [my mother] thought that was kind of weird," Biondi said. "She opened the bathroom door and there was a package of hot dogs from the fridge in there."

With the dog locked away, the thieves cleaned house.

"All of my grandmother's jewelry was stolen," Biondi said as she fought back tears. "She passed away and it's really hard."

But the suspects didn't stop at the jewelry.

"They dumped one of the Christmas stockings out," she said. "My mom had Christmas cards for my kids. She gives them money for Christmas. I have five kids. All their Christmas cards were gone."

With less than two weeks until Christmas, Biondi is left brokenhearted and scrambling to replace what she can for her kids.

"The stuff they took from my house isn't valuable to them, but it's very valuable to me and my mother. It can't be replaced," Biondi said.