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Tempe company's prototype considered top contender for Trump's border wall

Posted at 9:50 PM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 12:29:56-05

A Tempe company is a top contender to build President Trump's border wall.

Fisher Industries presented a 32 foot tall and 30-inch thick border wall prototype in San Diego recently.

The full proposal is sitting inside the office of Homeland Security.

CEO and President Tommy Fisher believes his wall is the best for U.S. border security. 

"Our wall is the only one strong enough that it can be backfilled, so you can build an elevated road position on the north side of the wall and south side of the wall," said Fisher. 

Fisher's wall is a full-on border protection system. The elevated roads will provide access and oversight for border patrol agents. 

If awarded the bid for $10.77 billion, Fisher Industries plans to construct 700 miles of wall in about five years. 

Fisher Industries is awaiting a patent for new concrete technology that will allow construction without cranes and in mountainous terrain.  

"By being a solid concrete wall, that separates us," Fisher explained. "We came up with a patent for the steel forms attached to the excavators so we don't need the use of cranes and then that same system can be built in the mountains."

Fisher Industries already secured the bonds to pay for the $10.77 billion project.

Several other companies are also being considered for the job

There is no timeline as to when a company will be selected.