Tempe City Council member under fire for offending constituent, swearing at assistant city attorney

Posted at 10:33 PM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-16 00:06:05-04

 A Tempe city councilman already in hot water was publicly chewed out by a constituent at Wednesday's council meeting. 

The Tempe City Council is considering a letter of reprimand against fellow councilman Kolby Granville for an incident in January.  Now, they're also considering making him apologize to a citizen who was offended by a social media post Granville put on Facebook in April. 

"Kolby demonstrated why many people find him to be an unethical weasel as far as far as telling the truth is concerned," said Mario Martinez, a Tempe resident.

Martinez was face-to-face with Granville while speaking these words at a City Council meeting on Wednesday. Martinez was upset because he snapped a picture of the councilman in April, which Granville allegedly reposted with a caption saying the picture was taken by a "psycho stalker." 

"He was acting incredibly bigoted...toward the mental health community," Martinez said.

"Everything you're referring to was taken down on my own volition within two hours," said Granville, who said he left the picture up on his Facebook but did change the caption. "I would consider it a point of personal favor if, in the future, you would not post the home address of my family members on the Internet."

This drama comes as the Tempe City Council is already considering punishing Granville for a separate incident in January. Granville has admitted he swore at an assistant city attorney who was giving him advice he didn't like.

The city is now drafting a formal letter of reprimand and plans to make Granville to publicly apologize for breaking the city's code of conduct.

After the meeting, Granville told ABC15 that he will be happy to apologize, but didn't want to make an official statement that he felt might unfairly influence the drafting of his reprimand. 

The city council members, minus Granville who must recuse himself due to conflict of interest, will vote on the wording of the reprimand at the end of June.