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Students learning about engineering, transportation through ASU

Educating AZ by teaching about transportation
Posted at 4:45 AM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 08:54:40-04

Students from across Arizona are spending part of their summer at Arizona State University to learn all of the ways engineering impacts our daily lives.

"We all take transportation for granted," said Professor Tirupalavanam Ganesh, who also serves as Assistant Dean of Engineering Education at ASU. "We drive, we bike, we walk and we don't really know fully what engineering has to do with it."

On day one of ASU's Transportation Engineering Experience, or TEE, students get a behind-the-scenes look at how the City of Tempe tackles all things transportation.

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"Looking at how they manage traffic lights, how they run motor transit," said Camp Instructor Daniel Hood.

About 100 high school students from all over the state will take part in the program's free, week-long sessions this summer. They live on campus and work hands-on with experts across the Valley, from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to ASU's Hyperloop competition team.

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"Some are more on the civil side, some are really interested in aeronautical engineering, some are really just looking at engineering for the first time" said Hood. "So it's a good kind of chance for them to see a wide spectrum of activities."

"You don't really consider all the other things that make it possible for you to get from one place to the other," said Ganesh. "That's what students are hopefully gaining from what they've done today."