Pricilla Games update: Air conditioning fixed at Tempe apartments; property owners duck questions

Posted at 7:02 PM, Aug 05, 2016

After a 49-year-old woman was found dead in her sweltering apartment Wednesday, the owners of the Tempe rental complex are ducking ABC15's questions.

The air conditioning was repaired by Friday afternoon at the Santa Fe Court Apartments, near Scottsdale and Curry Roads. An air-conditioning company truck was still in the parking lot. Residents had notes taped to their doors saying, "Thanks for your patience during this challenging time." 

A man who identified himself as part of the apartment's maintenance crew said the repair was delayed while a part was shipped from the East Coast.

When ABC15 tried to track down Santa Fe Court's owners by phone, we were hung up on or encountered full voicemail boxes. After arriving at a second rental complex owned by the same Djordjevich family, one woman ducked into a back office while another told ABC15 to leave.

A member of Sante Fe Court management, Donald, finally got in touch with ABC15 via email where he stated, "the maintenance team worked around the clock" and saying that they had to order parts from out of state which caused the delay.

Donald also mentioned that the system is "under 24/7 monitoring" and how they are "ready to take further maintenance actions if needed."

Finally, he claims the apartment complex is currently consulting about the type and amount of compensation to the residents.

Four members of the Djordjevich family were prosecuted in 2013 relating to trafficking stolen property from a Mesa motel they own. It's unclear what kind of legal trouble they could face relating to the air conditioning meltdown.

Tempe code enforcement employees said they took complaints from four Santa Fe Court residents.

One complaint dates back to July 19. None of those residents was Priscilla Games who was found dead in her hot apartment.

An autopsy next week may determine whether her death was heat-related.