Pair of frisky foxes spotted on ASU campus

Posted at 6:18 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 09:28:49-05

You might expect to see this kind of wildlife on a walk through the mountains, but not on your walk to class!

"It's actually really exciting just to be in the middle of campus and to see such beautiful wildlife," said Anastasia Cossette, an ASU student.

People first spotted the foxes Wednesday morning behind a fence, in an enclosed space outside the Social Sciences building at the ASU campus in Tempe.

"My coworker ran in and busted open my door and said, 'There are foxes!' And we kind of have been checking on them all day," said Susan Anderson, who works at ASU.

ASU police checked up on them, too.

"It's not unlikely that wildlife can sometimes come into the area, so we're more than prepared to handle that, but we just wanted to ensure everyone was safe," said Officer Daniel Miller with the ASU Police Department.

And everybody was safe. Miler said they checked in with the AZ Game and Fish Department about what was best.

"Scare them away if necessary, or just let them be. If you don't bother them, they're not going to bother you," Miller said. 

Throughout the afternoon, the pair was quiet and napping, perhaps tired from their earlier extracurricular activities.

"They were over at another area of campus making baby foxes, in fact," said Cora Fox, who works at ASU.

And do they have nicknames yet?

"I wanted to know their personalities a bit more before we assign names," Cossette said. 

ASU police said their priority is to keep the campus safe, so if they need to relocate the foxes, they will. But for now, they say, the foxes can stay.