Mother: 6-year-old badly hurt in incident at Tempe school

Posted at 6:44 PM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-09 21:44:14-04

A Tempe mother is taking action against her son's school district after the 6-year-old was assaulted with a water bottle at school.

The incident happened back on April 16 at Aguilar Elementary School.

"If I don't fight for my son, who's going to fight for him? And that's for every parent out there," said Ilana Malone Denis.

Denis told ABC15 her son Josiah was running after a fellow student when the student threw a water bottle at him.

When Josiah's grandmother picked him up, he had a large open gash on his forehead which needed stitches. Denis said doctors also discovered he had suffered concussion.

"They let him sit there for an hour with his injuries and he could've had a clot in his head."

Denis was first told it was a plastic water bottle, but later heard it was a metal one. Denis said Josiah is now suffering post-concussion issues.

"Mostly just the headaches is the main thing. He was in therapy for his eye. His eye is kind of glitching," explained Denis.

She requested an incident report from the school, but has never received one. The school did provide the nurse's report, which Denis said was also disturbing.

"It actually had like three other incidences that happened at school that we had no idea about, like being pushed by other students, and he had been saying he was being bullied there.," said Denis, who claims the school never notified her on the other issues.

Denis wants not just answers on what took place and who was in charge, but also accountability starting with the student who threw the water bottle.

"When I spoke to the principal, she said this is a kid that never does anything bad," recalled Denis.

ABC15 called Tempe Elementary School District for either comment or reports regarding the incident.

"We can't comment on potential litigation," said Christine Trujillo, a district spokesperson.