Tempe family asking for help to solve murder

Posted at 6:01 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 22:06:30-05

It's been almost one year since 22-year-old Michael Perez of Tempe was murdered in his house. Tempe police say there have been no arrests and no new leads.

Perez's family is begging anyone with information to come forward.

"Michael...just had a big heart."

Perez is sorely missed by the family he left behind. Especially now during the holidays and coming up one the one year anniversary of his death.

His mother, Alma Perez, says she'll never make sense of her son's murder.

"Michael would have given them everything that they wanted if he could," she said. "It just didn't end up that way."

Police say the suspects came to rob Perez and ended up shooting him with his three year old son and wife in the house.

Police say there were at least three suspects involved. Two of them are Hispanic and one of them is white. Another suspect may have been outside.

Perez's dad Carmelo, who has served in the Navy for the past 25 years, was on assignment when his son was killed.

"Part of the irony of life is, we provide a service to our community and our country to try to keep them safe." he said. "There's still bad people out there."

Perez's parents are now raising his son Damien, who goes by D. Michael.

He just turned four and said he misses his dad.

"Where is he," Alma asked. "In heaven," Damien replied.

The family is now asking anyone with information to help.

"I think there's several people who know," Alma said. "I just think that they should do the right thing. They should come forward and speak out."

"I wish that someone would step forward and provide us that gift so we can help bring some closure," said Carmelo.