Marcos de Niza students proud to create greeting cards

Posted at 5:08 AM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 09:54:29-04

Greeting cards are meant to spread joy, kindness, they are big business! ABC 15 Mornings’ Danielle Lerner caught up with a group of students at Marcos de Niza High School whose greeting card business is paying off many times over.

The students in Felicia Tew’s Life Skills class stay busy. They are often hard at work making greeting cards from scratch.

“It gets busy at Christmas, so this year we’re trying to get a head start,” Tew said. “We made some paper to get ready for the upcoming orders.”

It is part of a club called Padre Processing and every student helps in their own unique way. The cards sell throughout the year, mostly to staff and parents. Tew says it is a way to teach the basic skills her students need for life beyond her comfortable classroom walls.

“I honestly believe this is what God designed me to do,” said Tew. “I’m trying to help the parents too, to get these guys ready for transitioning out of high school, to stay on task, to follow directions, to keep good behavior.”

This year the card money paid for a visit from the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

“They can see it and they know that we get this because of their hard work,” said Tew.

It is a reward far bigger than dollars and cents, for a special group of students too often overlooked.

“I’m privileged to work with these beautiful men and women and to be a part of their life during their high school span,” Tew said.

The cards sell 5 for a donation of $7.00 or 10 cards for a donation of $10.00. Anyone interested in placing an order or learning more can contact