Man hoping to recover laptop, cash stolen during violent Tempe robbery

Posted at 2:34 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 23:00:23-04

A man says he was recently robbed and attacked in Tempe while walking to the bank with personal belongings and cash from his work. Not only does he want back what was stolen, but he’s also warning others to be on the lookout as a precaution.

Thomas Mayes said on Wednesday night he was walking to the bank around 6 p.m. in the area of Baseline Road and Hardy Drive when he was approached by two men.

“As I was walking down Baseline the two men had hid around a corner at an intersecting side street and remained hidden as I approached,” Mayes said.

The man said one of the suspects hit him in the back of the head with a hard object and grabbed for the bag, while the second man punched him in the jaw causing him to fall to the ground.

“They pulled out a knife and threatened to ‘cut me’ If I didn’t stay down,” Mayes said. “They then proceeded to run to a vehicle that was waiting nearby with a third accomplice.”

Several items was taken during the violent robbery including a laptop, laptop charger, wallet (including a debit card and identification), $100 Walmart gift card, portable cell phone charger, iPhone charger, a Wells Fargo bank bag with a $4,000 check and more than $1,200 in cash.

Mayes said he had recently saved some money to go towards the purchase of a used car, but right now walking to work is his only option thus making him more prone to dangerous situations.

According to the victim the group sped off in a four-door sedan with black wheels and no license plate.

The first suspect is described by Mayes as being a Hispanic male, about 5’10” and medium build. He has black short air and wore a plain white T-shirt with a Dodgers hat. The second man was either Hispanic or black, about 6’0” and thin build. He also had black hair with a “fade” cut and was wearing a red T-shirt.