Man accused of robbery, assault at Tempe restaurant claims they've got the wrong suspect

Posted at 7:17 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 23:40:07-04

Dressed in his black and white jail jumpsuit, James Pryor spoke out from the Towers Jail about the accusations against him.

Pryor says police have the wrong man behind bars.

"It’s not me, it can't be me. That's not me, nothing in that is me,” Pryor said.

However, Tempe police say there’s no mistake.

Investigators are positive he’s the one who brutally robbed and beat a woman last week outside a Tempe restaurant.

"That's horrible, that takes an animal, man," Pryor said. "That takes a f****** animal man."

Investigators say Pryor was spotted on camera near a Crackers Café in Tempe last week just before the attack.

Police say he was wearing clothes matching the suspect description, including diamond stud earrings. Witnesses also pointed him out in a line-up.

Pryor says that’s impossible. He’s a church-going; a God-fearing man.

“Bruh, I ain't never been violent, I can't be violent, I ain't got no violent record,” Pryor said.

Police say they found drug items in Pryor’s apartment during a search.

He’s now facing aggravated robbery charges.