Lockdown lifted after false reports of shots fired at Arizona Mills Mall

Posted at 5:49 PM, Dec 26, 2016

Police say no shots were fired at Arizona Mills Mall following a lockdown at the property Monday afternoon.

According to police, two fights broke out -- one in the food court and one outside Legoland -- and during one of the altercations, witnesses heard a loud noise they believed to be gunfire.

Tempe officers were reportedly inside the mall during the incident and investigated the claims while stores closed their doors as a precaution.

Witnesses reported large crowds racing for the exits after hearing the loud noise.

Police told ABC15 crews two people have been arrested, one is a juvenile.

The incident came on the heels of similar reports around the country. Police in Indiana, Colorado, Ohio, and North Carolina reported similar false reports at local malls.

According to the Associated Press, police were called to Cross Creek Mall in North Carolina because of a disturbance. Officials said some teenagers were apparently involved in a fight at the mall.

North Carolina authorities said there's no evidence shots were fired, even though some witnesses thought they heard a gunshot. Witnesses tell media outlets that there was chaos as hundreds tried to flee the mall.