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County: Diners who ate at Genghis Grill at Tempe Marketplace may have been exposed to Hepatitis A

Posted at 3:58 PM, Jul 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-02 01:06:33-04

TEMPE, AZ — The Maricopa County Department of Public Health on Monday said diners who ate at the Genghis Grill restaurant at Tempe Marketplace in recent weeks may have been exposed to the Hepatitis A virus.

"Although the risk of transmission to restaurant patrons is thought to be low, some restaurant patrons...may have been exposed to Hepatitis A," the department said in a news release distributed Monday afternoon.

Here is what you need to know.

Who may have been exposed?

Diners who ate at the restaurant at Tempe Marketplace on one of the 10 days listed below. Those who ate at Genghis Grill in May or June, but not on the days listed below, were not exposed, the county said in its news release.

Thursday, May 30
Saturday, June 1
Wednesday, June 5
Thursday, June 6
Friday, June 7
Saturday, June 8
Thursday, June 13
Friday, June 14
Saturday, June 15
Tuesday, June 18

What should you do if you ate at the restaurant on one of the days listed above?

In its release, the county health department said anyone who has experienced symptoms of Hepatitis A should see his or her doctor. Those who ate at the restaurant on June 18, are "still within the two-week window for vaccine to be effective at preventing infection from this exposure through July 2," the county said.

The county said people should contact his or her doctor to see if they have the vaccine. Anyone without insurance can go to a county vaccination clinic. Make sure to let them know you ate at Genghis Grill. Clinics can be found at

According to the CDC's website, people who are exposed to hepatitis A "feel sick for several weeks, but they usually recover completely and do not have lasting liver damage." In rare instances, it can cause liver failure and death, the CDC said.

What is Hepatitis A?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hepatitis A is a "vaccine-preventable, communicable disease of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus. It is usually transmitted person-to-person through the fecal-oral route or consumption of contaminated food or water. Hepatitis A is a self-limited disease that does not result in chronic infection."

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, fatigue, fever, abdominal pain, dark-colored urine, light or whitish colored bowel movements, and jaundice, according to the CDC and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health's news release.

How can you prevent Hepatitis A?

The CDC's website says the best prevention method is to get the hepatitis A vaccine. Other ways to prevent is are to have good hygiene, including washing your hands after using the bathroom, changing a diaper, and making and eating food.

The news comes as the state is dealing with a Hepatitis A outbreak. There have been over 400 cases reported, according to the Arizona Department of Health's website. There were 59 cases reported in June and 91 cases reported in May, the website said.