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City of Tempe picks side in showdown between music venue and retirement community

Posted at 10:28 PM, Apr 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 01:30:53-04

TEMPE — The city of Tempe officially picked a side in the showdown between a local music venue and a retirement community. The battle happening right near University and Mill.

The battle between Shady Park and Mirabella at ASU has been going on a while. For the most part, Tempe city leaders have been quiet. But, Thursday, all that changed with the reading of a letter by Vice Mayor Randy Keating.

"It's kind of coming to a head now, I thought it was important as elected leaders to kind of say how we are feeling or standing,” said Vice Mayor Keating.

Vice Mayor Keating drafted a letter and read it to the full council and public at the end of a meeting.

It follows a judge's ruling ordering Shady Park to keep things quieter and end their concerts earlier.

A new retirement community, Mirabella at ASU, had raised concerns about the noise.

Reading the letter, Keating stated, "Obviously, the judge's recent ruling was pretty surprising to a lot of folks. We felt, well I felt, it was important to go on record and put out where I am to address my concerns publicly."

The audience was made up mostly of Shady Park supporters.

Sarah Haddock was there.

"It was a very well-written letter. I feel it was very professional and polite while stating the hearts and souls of what many residents in Tempe echo,” added Haddock.

The vice mayor invited his fellow councilmembers to sign the letter if they agreed with him. All members signed on.

"I was a little bit surprised. I was expecting a little bit of opposition from maybe a few council members,” added Haddock.

ABC reached out to Mirabella at ASU for an on-camera interview. Mirabella pointed out, in an April 12th statement, the judge's finding of bias by the council, the city's lack of interest in enforcing the Tempe code against Shady Park relating to the mention of Shady Park not having any previous noise violations.

The company released a statement Thursday night saying, in part, “The judge's ruling is not about live music in Tempe; it's about the specific public and private nuisance caused by Shady Park's excessive noise.”

Late Thursday, the city council went into an executive session. The council decided, if the judge's ruling is appealed by Shady Park, the council will vote to join them in their efforts.