Bathroom exhaust fan may have sparked house fire in Tempe

Posted at 6:55 AM, Aug 29, 2016

Tempe Fire Department is investigating a fire that may have been caused by a bathroom exhaust fan.

Crews responded overnight to a report of a fire near Priest Drive and Ray Road.

Homeowners noticed a weird noise coming from the exhaust fan in the bathroom before it caught fire, spreading to the attic of the home.

Tempe fire says there was a lot of smoke when they arrived on scene, but crews were able to save the majority of the home.

ABC15 found several recalls involving bathroom exhaust fans and similar appliances. There is no confirmation that the house fan at the Tempe home is a model of one of the recalls.

According to a contractor who spoke with an ABC15 employee, many people leave the fan running resulting in it overheating and sparking a fire.