ASU battles for Heroes of the Dorm championship

Posted at 7:47 AM, Apr 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-10 13:48:22-04

A second chance doesn’t come along very often in life.                    

But for the Arizona State University Heroes of the Dorm team, that’s exactly what is happening this weekend.

Nearly one year ago ASU and the University of Californiatook over social mediawhen the Grand Finals of the Heroes of the Dorm tournament aired on ESPN2.

Unfortunately, ASU lost the first of its kind televised matchup. But not before #HeroesoftheDorm was trending on Twitter, and the tournament gained a world-wide following from sports fans who turned on their TV and had no idea what they were watching.

(But were still mesmerized.) 


The gaming tournament featured Blizzard Entertainment’s new game “Heroes of the Storm,” with professional commentators and screaming crowds, and was a perfect example of how eSports have exploded with younger generations.

With last year's defeat still fresh on their minds, ASU hopes to flip the script this year in the Grand Finals matchup against fellow number one seed UT Arlington.


Whether they take home the championship or not, the tournament shows just how big of a following online gaming has gained, and just how marketable online gaming has become for major networks who take the risk.

The only question is whether or not there will be a sighting from the Curtain of Distraction.

The finals of the tournament air on ESPN2 Sunday at 5 p.m.