Sources confirm name of suspect shot and killed by DPS yesterday on Loop 101 as Luis Michael Hoff

Posted at 9:35 AM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 23:00:10-04

ABC15 has confirmed through sources that 40-year-old Luis Michael Hoff was the man shot and killed Monday by the Department of Public Safety along the Loop 101.

Hoff was allegedly the subject of a recent police bulletin that warned law enforcement that he may attempt to commit suicide by threatening police. 

After the bulletin was issued to law enforcement, Hoff is accused of telling special agents, "You better grab your popcorn because it's going to happen on Oct. 30." He also threatened to "livestream video his suicide by cop." 

The bulletin said that Hoff visited a law firm in California recently and said that he wanted to get his child back from his wife, who he claimed kidnapped her, and would use any means necessary.

An unidentified source tells ABC15 that he had seen Hoff out on the streets. 

"I noticed he had a firearm on him," the source said. "...He's clearly not mentally there. At least not enough to make a sound decision."

However, what really caught the person's attention was how he acted.

"I think his actions just spoke the loudest," the source said. "I mean, what he did on the freeway...clearly he was out to hurt people and himself as well. If he was willing to go that far, who knows what he would've been willing to do on the 30th."

Hoff is believed to have reached out to an ABC15 reporter before the deadly police chase.

On a voicemail message, the caller, who identified himself as Hoff, said, "It's absolutely ridiculous. My case is so lock solid...I've got audio recordings; I've got everything. I've got documentation."

He then explained that he believed he's out of options and will need to get his child by force. 

He added, "Which is...I'd be in the right."

He also divulged a lot of information on his YouTube account.

In one of the videos he says "This is unbelievable what is happening to me — unfricken' believeable. So, a security guard came down and said I'm going to speak to a US Marshall and so this is where I'm supposed to go on Tuesday."

He also reportedly visited a Tucson television station and said that he was going to attempt to livestream any possible confrontation with police.

Hoff reportedly has ties to California and Arizona and was seen recently in the Marana, Arizona area before the shooting.