Sewage spills into San Tan Valley neighborhood

Posted at 6:00 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 00:38:01-04

A San Tan Valley neighborhood is dealing with a smelly mess after sewage spewed into the street and a greenbelt area. 

"It smells like a real awful Porta-Jon at a construction site," said Josh Seiter, who lives next to the sewage mess.

As sewage bubbled to the surface, another neighbor's surveillance camera pointed out to the street, and showed it went on for hours.

"It's gross. It's right out in front of my house. It filled the greenbelt area," Seiter said.

For him, it's a sanitary concern because the greenbelt area is where his kids and pets play.

"There's disintegrated toilet paper all over the street. It's just pretty disgusting," Seiter said.

What exactly spewed to the surface is unclear.

According to Johnson Utilities buildup from grease and other debris backed up the lines and caused the overflow.

"I've never seen them pump out anything before so I'm going to guess it's probably sewage," said Larry Wagner, who lives in the area.

About a year ago, the area had a similar issue, according to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

"I called them (Johnson Utilities) a couple times we've had a sewer smell that comes up out of the shower," Wagner said. 

Neighbors want the sewage not just drained out, but cleaned up.

"I definitely don't want it to just dry up. That seems pretty disgusting to me," Seiter said. 

Johnson Utilities says the area is sanitary and has been chlorinated. They say they are submitting a report to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Thursday.