MCSO deputies surprise Queen Creek boy at 4th birthday party

Posted at 10:51 PM, Jan 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-08 06:56:41-05

It’s every parent’s dream to make their child’s wish come true. That’s especially the case when a kid’s birthday comes along.

Queen Creek resident Noy Xayaraj knew right away her youngest son, Caleb, was going to have a unique party this year.

"He loves the sheriff, he loves the fire station and first responders are always his thing,” Noy Xayaraj said.
So for Caleb’s fourth birthday Noy threw a party — complete with cop cars scattered across his cake and a fire truck bounce house. Caleb and his siblings spent most of the day dressed as police officers.

But the quiet child had a much bigger surprise in store that night.

"I had to do something just as a motherly instinct to make your child happy,” Xayaraj said.

Just as the sun set, two MCSO SUVs came down the street and parked out front the family’s home. Their lights were flashing and a brief siren went off.

It’s safe to say Caleb was surprised.

“You know I hadn't seen anything quite like this before; very cool idea,” MCSO Deputy Rodney Oaks said.

Earlier in the week, Xayaraj went out on a limb and invited deputies to her son’s party. She had no idea if they’d have the time to stop by. But to her, and especially Caleb’s delight, two deputies were right on time.

"You know there's a lot of us in law enforcement that would love to spend more time out in the community doing stuff like this. It creates that positive atmosphere for kids to grow up with,” Oaks said.

After the deputies handed out some presents, the Xayaraj’s invited the pair inside for a meal. Once they were done, it was back to work. But not before making Caleb Xayaraj’s birthday one to remember.