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Mesa seniors without heat or hot water

No heat or hot water for seniors in Mesa
Posted at 4:00 PM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 07:13:47-05

A Mesa neighborhood full of seniors has been without heat or water for days.

Residents at the Holiday Village say lightning from last weekend's storm hit some gas lines causing a leak so the gas had to be shut off while crews worked to repair the lines. 

"It looked like a missile, the noise was so loud," said Benny Anderson who was watching the lightning storm from his porch when the bolt hit between his neighbor's homes. 

"There was this big white flash and a kaboom, that blew us out of bed, I mean like I was on the floor," said Bob Huffman, whose home was nearly hit by the bolt. 

The force of the hit was so strong, it blew out Huffman's bedroom window and one of the windows to his neighbor's laundry room. 

"It blew every picture off the walls," described Huffman

Since then, many of the residents have been dealing without natural gas for their stoves, water heaters and furnaces. 

"I just struggled to stay warm, I got next to my wife, she's like an oven, snuggling up that's what it's about," said Anderson.

To stay warm, Anderson told ABC15 he and his wife heated towels in the microwave, while neighbor Kelvin Pettis piled on the blankets. 

"I was a hostage in my own home, I couldn't take a shower, I couldn't cook nothing, only could eat from the microwave," said Pettis.

Gas crews have been working to repair the line and restore gas.

But Red Cross spokesperson Collin Williams told ABC15 due to the unclear repair timelines and dropping temperatures the Red Cross responded late Wednesday afternoon.

"Property management states that the residents have access to a warm ballroom, hot showers, ample food sources and other comfort providing services...the Red Cross will respond within the hour to provide cots, blankets and other material support to the property." said Williams.

Huffman, Anderson and Pettis were a few of the lucky ones to have their gas restored before the cold front hit. 

The Arizona Corporation tells ABC15 everything should be restored by midnight.