Mesa man arrested after threatening to set off explosives in Mesa, Eric Taylor arrested

Posted at 12:25 PM, Jul 06, 2016

A Mesa man threatened to detonate a "large amount of explosives" at a strip mall in Mesa.

Court records show that on the evening of June 19, Mesa police responded to an emergency call of a man threatening to set off explosives near a strip mall at 56th Street and Broadway Road.

Police report 40-year-old Eric Jerome Taylor contacted 911 saying he was going to set off a large explosion. Police were able to identify the man as Taylor and found him in his car in the area.

Police shut down Broadway road and after a two hour standoff Taylor surrendered to police.

No explosives were found in his car.

Taylor told police he was extremely intoxicated and did not remember calling 911 with the threat.

Taylor has been charged with creating a hoax, false reporting and threatening.